Hej! I’m Fredrik,
a Swedish designer, researcher, and mobility expert who loves imagining tomorrow today.

By leveraging insights about users and their world, I aim to create meaningful work that empowers people and lets my global clients plan better for the future.


☝️ Useful links! For portfolio access, write me on LinkedIn or at aaro.fredrik@gmail.com

I help my stakeholders make better decisions by championing their user's perspectives.

Since I left UID in Umeå with a Master of fine arts in Transportation Design in 2015, I’ve worked with future-forward design projects in several departments at BMW Group Design and for a wide range of global clients at Spark Reply.

What I bring to the table
Experience from diverse design roles • Good at challenging stakeholder management and cross-functional communication • Excellent visual storyteller • Workshop facilitation expert

My attitude
User-first mindset • Curious lifelong learner • Passionate & Adventurous • Adaptable team player • Wildly creative • ...but structured

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Out of office

My life is centered around my little family and many hobbies. I love drawing and do it daily, often helping friends with graphic design, or attending a life drawing session. You often find me trying a new restaurant in town or cooking for a group of friends, as I love the time spent sharing food in good company. I recharge by running in the forest, hiking in the Munich Alps in the summer, or snowboarding in the winter.

My career and free time have seen me traveling the world a few times, learning about different cultures and places, be it professionally or for leisure; this is when I’m the happiest, meeting people I didn’t know before.

Try! 👇

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Get in touch at aaro.fredrik@gmail.com