My name is Fredrik Aaro,

I Swedish designer currently working with research, experiences, and strategy for the clients of Italian innovation consultancy Spark Reply in their Munich office.

I have a strong drive to make the future approachable today with the help of visionary design. By leveraging insights about people and their world, I strive for my work to always be relevant and for it to reach meaningful impact.

I graduated from UmeΓ₯ Institute of Design as a Transportation Designer (MFA) and Industrial Designer (BFA), and have since my studies worked across the field of design in a few different roles. My ability to run projects and contribute holistically from research to concept most recently had me at BMW Group Design (2015-2020), where I worked as project lead and designer on topics like:

πŸ”­ Trendspotting and forecasting
πŸ’Ί Conceptual car interiors
πŸ•΅οΈ Immersive field research
πŸ“Š Service design for future mobility visions
✨ Artificial personal assistant
🎯 Future product portfolio opportunities
🎬 Art direction and visual storytelling

When I'm not working, you'll find me spending time with my family, trying a new restaurant or cooking a new recipe, out running in the forest, hiking in the alps, snowboarding, deciding where to travel next, making a comic, or playing games with friends.

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Some of my key features
β€’ Extensive experience in diverse design roles
β€’ Good with complicated stakeholders

β€’ Excellent illustrator/storyboarder
β€’ Curious about everything! Lifelong learner
β€’ Experienced workshop facilitator

β€’ Uncompromisingly user-oriented
β€’ Experience with both agency & corporate worlds

Selection of brands I've had the privilege of working with until now.

Fun facts
β€’ Played drums in multiple metal bands
β€’ Facilitated the @sweden Twitter account for a week
β€’ Having a lot of fun with investing and learning more about business
β€’ Worked several years in elderly care, a lesson for life
β€’ Comic book guy

Ps. You will notice that my PROJECTS-section is password protected. Feel free to ask for it if I have not already shared it with you.